My writing and German-to-English translations on cities, tourism, and urban architecture have appeared in such venues as The Journal of Architecture, and in edited volumes published by Palgrave MacMillan, Columbia University, and Ashgate Press. I am also the former book review editor of H-Travel, a network devoted to the history of travel and tourism.


“At the Center of the World? Mass Tourism, the Cold War, and Globalization in Divided Berlin” (monograph, revisions in progress).

“Squeezing Out a Living in NYC” (illustrated book based on sketches by Gerold Ranson, revisions in progress).

VIDEO: “The Gerry Project”


“Experiencing Communism, Bolstering Capitalism: Guided Bus Tours of 1970s East Berlin” in Tourism and Travel During the Cold War: Negotiating Tourist Experiences Across the Iron Curtain, edited by Sune Beckmann Pedersen and Christian Noack (Oxford: Routledge University Press), 2019.

“Here Beats the Heart of the Young Socialist State’: 1970s East Berlin as Socialist Bloc Tourist Destination” in The Journal of Architecture. Vol. 18, No. 5 (October 2013).

“The Cold War, Mass Tourism, and the Drive to Meet World Standards at East Berlin’s T.V. Tower Information Center” in Touring Beyond the Nation: The Development of Modern Tourism in Pan-European and Trans- National Context, edited by Eric G.E. Zuelow (New York: Ashgate Publishing), 2011.

“From Bulwark of Freedom to Cosmopolitan Cocktails: The Cold War, Mass Tourism, and the Marketing of West Berlin as a Tourist Destination” in Divided, But Not Disconnected: German Experiences of the Cold War, edited by Tobias Hochscherf, Christoph Laucht, and Andrew Plowman. (New York: Berghahn Books), 2011.


Socialist Escapes: Breaking Away from Ideology and Everyday Routines in Eastern Europe, 1945-1989 edited by Cathleen M. Giustino, Catherine J. Plum, and Alexander Vari (New York: Berghahn Books, 2013) in German Studies Review (May 2014).

Turizm: The Russian and East European Tourist Under Socialism and Capitalism, edited by Anne E. Gorsuch and Diane P. Koeneker (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2006) in Left History (Fall 2007).